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Focus On… Team WNT F2

Set up for Team WNT F2 is a slick process. Like a well oiled machine, each team mamber has their part to play in preparing the boat.

Yesterday’s qualifying session should have been a straight forward affair, however as the session drew closer the wind began to pick up and gusty conditions can make things very unpredictable for the drivers. Steve went out and was setting good lap times which would have been enough to place him 3rd on the start grid.

Unfortunately though, the session was cut short for Steve when his boat caught a gust of wind and blew over backwards.The boat came down on it’s nose, breaking the right sponson and splitting the deck, and proceeded to barrel roll, coming to rest the right way up. Steve was able to get out of the boat and onto the Osprey Rescue boat, and his stricken craft was towed back to Coleman’s Dyke for the damage to be fully assessed.

Talking to the team afterwards it was clear that the boat could not be repaired overnight, but Steve has been loaned a boat, been scrutineered, and will be out racing today. His boat will be going in for repair tomorrow and the team are extremely hopeful that it will be ready in time for Round 2 of the championships at Carr Mill in three weeks time. In the meantime, Steve and the rest of the team will be taking their engine home with them for a complete service, ready to give everything they can in defense of their National F2 Championship.


Focus On… Team WNT F2

Following a cold start and a long drive, Team WNT F2 spent the rest of the day making sure their boat and pit area were in order before heading to their hotel. At 12pm tomorrow they will begin their defense of the British National F2 Championship.

Focus On… Team WNT F2

This weekend we will be following Team WNT F2 as they begin the job of retaining the British F2 Powerboat GP Championship. If you have questions you want us to ask please send them in to us, we have been granted full access to the team over the weekend. We look forward to hearing from you.


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