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Osprey Powerboat Rescue Team

Focus On… Osprey Powerboat Rescue Team 

The day starts early for the Ospreys. Not only are they responsible for rescue duties during racing, but before any boats can go out on the water Osprey need to set the turnbuoys. 

Following this, the begin to set the boats up. They cover the course using two drop-front boats, each of which must carry exactly the same medical equipment. 

One the boats are ready, it is then the turn of the crew themselves to ensure they have all their gear on board. This is a slick, well-drilled process, and having got to know a few of them over time I can see that as much as they like a laugh, they know whilst wearing the Osprey babe they have one job  and one job only. 
The GT30’s are launching for qualifying as I write, and Osprey are on station. The last thing I’ll hear on my radio before the competitors head out  will be the words “Safety Officer to OOD (Officer of the Day), water is clear.”


Focus On… The Osprey Powerboat Rescue Team

The second of our “Focus On” features this weekend will look at the Osprey Powerboat Rescue Team. Chasewater has an important place in the history of the Ospreys. Almost 50 years old, the team came into existence when a group of divers from Stafford Sub Aqua Club were asked to attend a powerboat race at Chasewater. Witnessing the rescue provision at the event, the club members felt that they would be able to greatly improve the rescue response provided, and they set about creating the Osprey Powerboat Rescue Team.

Kingsbury_20160703_50409Not only did they put together a team of specialist divers, they also designed a boat that would help them to assist an injured driver with minimal risk of aggravating any injuries that may have been sustained. Their powerful, drop-front craft is a design that has been adopted by many rescue teams around the world and has over the years helped save many drivers from the additional trauma of being hauled over the side of a conventional boat.

Worlds_20150829_24576This weekend, as well as providing rescue at Chasewater, Osprey are also attending the F1H2O race in Evian, France, and a third event at Windermere, on one of the few weekends per year they allow racing there.

Over the course of the weekend, the Powerboat GP blog will be checking in with the Osprey members in attendance at Chasewater and giving you an insight into the work that goes on behind the scenes with the world’s longest running circuit powerboat rescue team.


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