Hello All powerboat fans,

Last Saturday and Sunday a practice and testing meeting was held at Stewartby.These meetings are important at the begining of the season to allow drivers to try out new equipment and to get back into the swing of things after the winter break.

I went on Sunday so I will let you know about some things from then.785

F4 looks to be a class on the up in this country at the moment with new boats and drivers appearing from everywhere.7 boats turned up on Sunday and with several more regulars not attending we should have a great class this season.Rob Veares has got a new boat and it has a great black and blue colour scheme and should stand out .John Donnelly is using the ex Jordan Muckles boat and once he gets used to it will be a useful addition.Although he was not at this meeting British Champion Sam Whittle has a new Baba hull from Italy and has been testing near the factory.Another new driver attending was David Gibbs who had a good weekend,Oulton Broad driver Ray Read has got Rob Veares old boat and hopes to be doing the national series.With the two Ben`s, Jelf and Morse also racing I must say I am looking forward to this season.

Jonny Brewer was testing 2 ex Ben Jelf hulls in GT30,which one he will use is anyones guess.Elliot Fleet was going well ,unlike most of the other drivers in this class he uses an Evinrude engine as opposed to Tohatsu. Thomas Mantripp will be concentrating on GT30 class this season and was another who had a good practice meeting.Another driver who had a good day was Tony Judge.642

In GT15 George Elmore has a new boat and he had it going really well,he should be up front ,Harvey Smith was not attending after he hurt a leg in a non boating accident a few weeks ago,when he is back he will take a lot of beating.

OSY 400 is another class that should be well supported this season,on Sunday The Moyse racing team were trying new equipment Wayne Moyse with a great new colour scheme and this season with a team mate Brad Holman who had several outings last year in the training boat.684

2 formula boats were testing Mark Williams and Steve Hoult with his new Molgaard from Denmark.

This is the start of what should be a great racing season,there is another club /testing meeting at Stewartby on 22nd -23rd of April.Oulton Broad starts it`s regular Thursday evening racing on the 20th and at the end of the Month 28th-30th the first National championship meeting of 2017 at Carr Mill ,near St Helens ,Lancashire

Go on give us a look ,you will enjoy it.

Back soon

Bob H.