Camera bag packed. Car ready. Tomorrow I leave for Lowestoft. This will be my third visit to Nicholas Everitt Park with Powerboat GP and I am still learning how best to use the venue to my advantage. I have already established from previous years that following the boats up to the top buoy means you are shooting into the light and as with every race I go to this will play a part in shaping my itinerary for the weekend.

When I arrive the dry pits will already be set up, and most, if not all competitors will be in situ, preparing their boats for Sunday’s first timed session. I always enjoy the first walk around the pits, especially at the first race of the year. The teams are a close-knit bunch, but with their bases spread far and wide around the UK it is possible that some people in the pits haven’t seen each other since last year’s finale at Stewartby. This time gives me a great opportunity to get some candid portrait shots. For me, posed photo’s are great when they are shot for a purpose, but raw emotion or concentration are difficult to force.

Next on my agenda is a scout of the area. Quite often, not a lot changes from one year to the next, but sometimes something does and I always like to familiarise myself with the site before any boats take to the water. It is also possible that having only been twice before, there may be something that I have missed in the past that I could use to my advantage. I always try to give my shots something that makes them stand out from the rest. This could be making use of something in the background or foreground, using elevation to get a different angle on the boats, or simply finding places where there are no other photographers.

This of course isn’t always possible, and sometimes you will find me standing not too far away from other snappers at the water’s edge. But never for long. I get what I can and move on, find somewhere else. As much as anything else it makes the processing job at the end of the day a lot less dull. I can take upwards of 1200 shots in a day. Even if I shoot from 3 locations this gives me three lots of 400 photo’s with near-identical backgrounds to sift through. That can get tedious.

I always try to make a point of introducing myself to other photographers at a race. No-one knows an area like a local, and of course I am more than happily return the favour at my local venue, Carr Mill, where Round 2 will be played out at the end of May.

I am looking forward to this weekend. I know that the drivers, teams and officials are looking forward to it too. 7 months is a long time with no racing. 12pm Sunday can’t come soon enough.

Powerboat GP Photographer