Just under a week to go until powerboats roar back into action at Carr Mill Dam,Lancashire for the Lancashire Grand Prix.This is also the first round of the 2017 Powerboat GP British Championship.

This is the time of the year that always gets me excited to see which drivers will show up with anything new for the season and it`s the meeting of old friends again after what seems like a long winter.

As always all classes will be close fought affairs right till the end,and I have no idea who will end up with the title.

But dont let us get ahead of ourselves,most of the drivers have had some practice meetings to get their boats sorted so wont be going in totally cold.

As always new drivers,new boats and new sponsors will be making their appearance and having watched a few practice meetings I have to say some of the new colour schemes this season are great and very professional looking.

One of the new drivers who I have seen is Jamie Atlee in the GT15 Class ,he seems to me to be progressing very well for a newcomer .I know of several more new drivers in various classes this season which is always good news.009

I have to say the F2 boat of Matt Palfreyman was looking good at the Stewartby  meeting on the 23 April and he had the Baba boat lapping quickly by the end of the days racing.926

If you haven`t been to watch racing before go and have a look ,to check times and places go to Powerboat Gp website or their Facebook page for all the details.

As we have said before if you fancy a go contact your local club they will have training boats that can be used,who knows next season it could be you battling for a title                .

Bob,Powerboat gp photographer.