On the 1st -2nd July 2017 ,just a few days away ,Stewartby near Bedford hosts a powerboat meeting  comprising of 1 World Championship round and 3 European Championship rounds.This is also the first time in many years that racing hydroplanes will be taking part for European championships in the UK.

If you have seen the OSY400 hydroplane class racing for the British title ,you will have some idea of what to expect.The main difference is that as the name suggests the racing  classes use  racing engines rather than stock engines,and are therefore much faster.You will notice the exhaust stacks at the back of the engine as well,these can be adjusted to allow for better acceleration whilst leaving the turns.

At this meeting the F125 class and the f250 class will be showing their speed and skills,most of the drivers will be from Europe and at the time of writing a final entry list has not been recieved.However I know that the current leader of the European Championship Marek Peeba  from Estonia will be taking part and from the UK Nigel Stopforth will bw racing,hopefully there will be quite a few more visitors.

In the F250 class David Loukotka from the Czech Republic is coming over ,David is always a quick Driver.Peter Bodor from Hungary is also competing.The UK hope here is Wayne Turner an ex European champion.566

The other class racing for it`s European championship is GT30 .This should be a fantastic event as there are always a lot of very quick visiting drivers to take on the contingent from the UK. Viktoria Soodla from Estonia should be making an appearance along with her Estonian compatriots,Sander Sarlin and Aivar Commissar.Top British drivers should be Thomas Mantripp ,Jon Brewer ,Tiegen Goodfellow and Jack Pickles.643

The World Championship taking place is for the F4 class,this is 2 seperate races on 2 days,several drivers from Finland including Juha-Matti Manninen, who is the current World champion, Magnus Sederholm,will be joined by Nikita Lijks from Latvia and many more visitors.Several British drivers will be taking up the challenge ,notably Ben Jelf,Ben Morse and Sam Whittle who all competed in the first 2 races in Finland and all finished well up the order.Also a few more British names will be racing Rob Veares and even Colin Jelf .So as you see it should be a great couple of races.

In fact the whole weekend is one not to be missed ,for myself I suppose it will end with many more photos to sort out afterwards but thats what I enjoy,so time now to get the camera and lenses in order and cleaned ready

Bob H